Caulking System (MTCA Series)

Maytech MTCA series is a caulking system that is composed of 50mm or 75mm thick partition panels. The system utilizes a tongue and groove joint design, with one panel having a protruding tongue that fits into a corresponding groove in another panel. This system offers a greater cost-effective wall solution.


  • Affordable and Competitive Price
  • Flexible, Simple, and Easy to Install
  • Easy to Relocate and Reuse
  • Superior Appearance
  • Cost-Effective and Valuable Engineering


  • Suitable for cleanrooms ranging from 1k to 100k
  • Ideal for the semiconductor, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, tissue culture lab, and food and beverage industries.

Recommended Panel Types:

  • PUR Panel
  • PIR Panel
  • PS Panel
  • Rockwool Panel

Product Images

Caulking System (MTCA Series)
Caulking System (MTCA Series)
Caulking System (MTCA Series)
Caulking System (MTCA Series)

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